In the midst of the current coronavirus nightmare, I’m struggling to keep my sanity in the absence of partying and time with friends. As some of you may know (for whatever reason), I have a LOT of online friends, and they have almost single-handedly come to my rescue. Twice per year or so we all […]

The staff of The Advance newspaper visited the Kansas State Fair this year. This is their story… okay, its mainly bloopers, but still their story.

A look behind the scenes at the woman responsible for keeping our student media website up and running, Evin Miller.

It’s never too early to start thinking about the Holiday Season! And one of Salina’s most popular events has been held on the KWU campus for quite a long time.

KWU Communications student, Jordan Waymaster talks about his recent internship with Rocking M Media in Salina. When asked, one of his favorite experiences was working with individuals he himself grew up listening to on the radio as a kid. Jordan is currently still working with Rocking M Media.

Out of the many competitive events that attract students to campus, “E-Sports” is rapidly gaining popularity with students, and the audiences who watch them. KWU Student Media visited with student Justin Gray to discuss the behind the scenes of the K-Dub team.

Up With People visited the KWU campus for a performance this Fall. The Student Media Team got to sit down with two representatives from the organization to talk about what exactly Up With People is about.

KWU Theatre Director Karen Brassea talks about the special homecoming presentation performed by a trio of K-dub theatre alumni.

Artist Marguerite Perrett talks about her recent exhibit displayed in the KWU Gallery this fall entitled, “The Limnologists”. The exhibit displays the world’s need for clean water through photographs, creations, and artwork.

Student Life Director Bridget Weiser talks about new outdoor relaxation and gathering spaces on the K-Dub campus. Students can now kick back and study, or have fun with friends while enjoying the weather outdoors.

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