KWU Overwatch prepares for action

Written by on February 14, 2024

by Aiden Quill / Staff Writer

As Kansas Wesleyan University continues to grow it’s e-sports program with the addition of a League of Legends team, more seasoned players are returning to the digital field as part of the Overwatch 2 squad. Lance Kirby is one of those players and said he felt as prepared as one could be for the upcoming game. He prepared by playing competitively, aim training, and scrimmaging with the team. In order to practice and prepare for the game, Lance practiced 5-7 hours weekly. The e-sports coach was also a huge help to the team as he helped them prepare mentally and assisted them with the comps they ran. Lance felt confident his team would win the game by how well they have been scrimmaging. According to Lance, his only concern was “if we lose a map everyone’s mental well-being is going to take a toll, and trying to get it back will be difficult which may stop them from coming.” When asked what was the team’s strategy for winning, he stated “Some of the strategies I’m going to use is over-communicating in situations where our tank isn’t able to and slowing down my aim in order to get a pick before the team fights.” The strongest player on the team in Lance’s opinion is himself because he noted, “I scrimmaged the highest while being the highest ranked and hitting the top 500.” He also mentioned that he is well versed in how to play certain situations in order to turn team fights and his aim. Lance vocalized that the biggest weakness of his team is “ulting at the same time and not using the advantages they have to win.” This is an important season for the team because it is a rebuildingseason as the main tank and contributor to the team left. As such, winning this game would mean a great deal to both Lance and the team. When asked what gets him excited about the game, Lance stated “Knowing that this will be the time our hard work and skill will be shared with the community after our setback of our tank graduating.”

In summary, my talk with Lance Kirby gives us a peek into how the Kansas Wesleyan University Overwatch 2 e-sports team gets ready for their games. Lance and his team put in a lot of effort by practicing, training, and playing together to improve their skills. They have a plan that focuses on good communication and precise moves during important moments in the game. Despite feeling confident, Lance knows that setbacks can affect the team’s mental well-being. This season is extra important for them because they are rebuilding after a key player left. Winning the upcoming game means a lot to them as it’s a result of their hard work and a chance to show how they bounce back from challenges. Lance’s excitement shows how eager the team is to share their success with the community. In essence, the interview with Lance Kirby gives us a glimpse into the dedication, strategy, and goals that drive the KWU Overwatch 2 e-sports team during this important season.


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