Students ready for new dining hall

Written by on August 31, 2023

By Luke Hager / Staff Writer

Photo by Luke Hager / The future site for Bieber Dining Hall, behind Wesley Men’s Dorm Hall.

Who doesn’t love a meal? We get it everyday from different sources like friends, families, restaurants, ourselves, purchases or even at school like high school or middle school but in a college like Kansas Wesleyan University, it’s completely different.

For students who live on campus have to have a meal plan and those who live off campus, it’s optional. Some students don’t eat on campus but those who do, like to get their well cooked meals from the Shriwise Cafeteria. For breakfast, lunch and dinner this café has been the popular hotspot for Kansas Wesleyan University students over the years, but today news from other students have pointed out that there would be a new café opening soon called “the Bieber Dining Hall.”

Two students were interviewed about the new cafe, Savannah Bonilla and Maddie Johnson, and this is what they had to say about it; With Bonilla, She lives off campus and has never eaten at Shriwise to begin with but she believes that with the influx of students Kansas Wesleyan has been receiving it is a good idea to update essential facilities such as the cafeteria and that also believes that an update to the schools’ eating facilities would be advantageous, and said, “Especially as I hear that space is limited for student seating in our current cafeteria.”

When asked “Do you think the food would be good quality or bad, if bad how so and what’s wrong with the food in the original cafe?” Bonilla said, “ I am sure that the food will stay pretty consistent. From my understanding of cafeteria food generally, it isn’t gourmet eats, but it gets the job done.”

With Johnson however, it’s completely different. Johnson has mixed feeling about the project but thinks in theory its a good idea and has quoted to saying “I just feel like it would have served better after some other things got addressed first.”

When asked the same question to Bonilla, she said, “I think if they are going to take the initiative to build a new café they should also take an interest in making the food better quality. The food now keeps making people sick but I’m not sure why its happening.” The origin to the new café’s name comes from class of 71’ student, Jeff Bieber as a gift from the president. Planned construction is still unknown.

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