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“Through music and action, we empower youth to be positive agents of change to build a more helpful, trusting, and peaceful world.” Up With People is a nonprofit organization that unites 100 different people from 20 different countries.  The organization challenges its’ members to sing about world issues. Up With People has four main goals when singing […]

By Gabriel Serrano “The Ringmaster” I had the chance to attend, “Halloween Haunt,” at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City during its second weekend of reigning havoc among park goers. It was a typical, cool Kansas night, and the park was open from 6 pm to midnight. This year’s event included eight mazes, four scare […]

Dr. David Silverman is known on campus for being a professor in the communications department, but little do people know that he is the Chairman of the Salina Heritage Commission. Recently, he was involved in the unveiling of a new marker to help ensure the contributions of one of its citizens is never forgotten. August […]

This Wednesday, September 19th, at 8 PM we step back into the booth for our fourth installment of “Q and Friends”. DJ Q and his co-hosts will discuss news from around the world, the question of who makes the best athlete between superheroes, villains and other fictional characters, various types of music, KWU athletics, and […]

Guess what America? The NFL is back for good, God bless. For our third time around, I started “I Got Next” of solo waiting for Shingi to finish up with tennis team pictures. That being said, I was really able to dive in and recap over week one performances in the NFL without a distraction. […]



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