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Did you happen to know that there is a radio station here on campus? Better yet, did you know that you can have your own show? Well if not, now you do. Myself and Quinton Smith have our own shows and today we’re going to bring you a little bit of info on what we […]

Every year when Homecoming rolls around, a group of alumni are selected and recognized for the work that they have done after they graduate Kansas Wesleyan. This year there are five recipients being recognized for various awards. These awards recognize outstanding achievement by KWU alumni and help motivate current students and alumni to be the […]

The Summer of 2006 was a hot one. I don’t know if you were in Salina that year, but the heat wave that hit topped out at 114 degrees, and this town felt every degree. The streets were steaming by eight thirty in the morning, and animals with even a patch of black in their […]

“Through music and action, we empower youth to be positive agents of change to build a more helpful, trusting, and peaceful world.” Up With People is a nonprofit organization that unites 100 different people from 20 different countries.  The organization challenges its’ members to sing about world issues. Up With People has four main goals when singing […]

By Gabriel Serrano “The Ringmaster” I had the chance to attend, “Halloween Haunt,” at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City during its second weekend of reigning havoc among park goers. It was a typical, cool Kansas night, and the park was open from 6 pm to midnight. This year’s event included eight mazes, four scare […]

Dr. David Silverman is known on campus for being a professor in the communications department, but little do people know that he is the Chairman of the Salina Heritage Commission. Recently, he was involved in the unveiling of a new marker to help ensure the contributions of one of its citizens is never forgotten. August […]

This Wednesday, September 19th, at 8 PM we step back into the booth for our fourth installment of “Q and Friends”. DJ Q and his co-hosts will discuss news from around the world, the question of who makes the best athlete between superheroes, villains and other fictional characters, various types of music, KWU athletics, and […]

Guess what America? The NFL is back for good, God bless. For our third time around, I started “I Got Next” of solo waiting for Shingi to finish up with tennis team pictures. That being said, I was really able to dive in and recap over week one performances in the NFL without a distraction. […]



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