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While many of you were out trick or treating, maybe even partying, myself and my amazing editor got to be a part of an old-time-radio style radio drama that was part of our Media Performance class. Yes you heard that right, a radio drama. On Halloween night, we arrived at Ad Astra books and coffee […]

Did you happen to know that there is a radio station here on campus? Better yet, did you know that you can have your own show? Well if not, now you do. Myself and Quinton Smith have our own shows and today we’re going to bring you a little bit of info on what we […]

“Through music and action, we empower youth to be positive agents of change to build a more helpful, trusting, and peaceful world.” Up With People is a nonprofit organization that unites 100 different people from 20 different countries.  The organization challenges its’ members to sing about world issues. Up With People has four main goals when singing […]

By Gabriel Serrano “The Ringmaster” I had the chance to attend, “Halloween Haunt,” at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City during its second weekend of reigning havoc among park goers. It was a typical, cool Kansas night, and the park was open from 6 pm to midnight. This year’s event included eight mazes, four scare […]

KWU has a history of showing very powerful exhibits in the Art Gallery. In recent years, we’ve seen beautiful pieces made from what others see as garbage, dynamic sculptures that look virtually lifelike, and student pieces that strike you right to the core. “The Limnologists,” by Marguerite Perret is no different and has a strong […]

Since 1913, tens of thousands of people from all across the state make an end-of-Summer pilgrimage to the City of Hutchinson to attend the Kansas State Fair. This year, a pack of Coyotes from Kansas Wesleyan University were among that number, and what follows is an account of their day-long adventure exploring what’s been titled […]

We all search for something to hang our hat on. That one thing that we can look back at and say “Dang, I’m proud of that.” For me, that moment happens every Wednesday at 7 PM when I look up at the audience that’s gathered at Ad Astra Books and Coffee in downtown Salina to […]



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