MCSU hosts student gathering for homecoming

Written by on October 24, 2023

By Elijah Resano / Staff Writer


Last Saturday, students from Kansas Wesleyan University’s Multicultural Student Union hosted their annual Multicultural Alumni, Community and Student Gathering outside KWU’s Student Activities Center.

It was a gathering of both friends and family. Students and alumni enjoyed a fulfilling meal from a choice of a hearty burger or a hotdog, all prepared by representatives from the MCSU.


Photo by Elijah Resano / Marv prepares burgers and hotdogs.

The surrounding area had been occupied by families who showed support for alumni as well as those who have participated in all other homecoming events. A nearby family set up shop and utilized the wide space for a fun game of cornhole.

Students who were at the social gathering met with friends to have fun while having a meal and celebrating alumni who have come back to reminisce about their days in KWU.

“We we’re here helping with the tailgate supporting our team,” Sophomore Kira McGrown said. “We have our alumni here as well. This area is a spot for students to hang out.”

McGrown, a member of the MCSU, was present along with other members to eat in the gathering and hang out with friends.

“It’s pretty cool,” McGrown said. “It’s good to remember and come back to your college. I like hearing how they talk about the University being different, and they come back and give good advice for those who are still studying. “

Sophomore Ania Bonner concurred with McGrown’s statement, who is similarly a member of the MCSU and McGrown’s friend. She considers herself a people-person and enjoys being around other people, hence her approval of the gathering.

An alumnus’s thoughts

Alumnus Henry Deveraux ’77 was also present for the cookout. Deveraux was a member of the cross-country team and majored in Business. He annually visits KWU during homecoming and attends the multicultural gathering every year as part of his homecoming weekend.

“I love coming here,” Deveraux said. “I planned my whole vacation and everything one year in advance—gave my boss two months’ notice prior to the trip, made sure the bills were paid, got my mom covered. We took care of all that.”

Deveraux shared that his time in KWU helped in setting him up for success. Hailing from Kansas City, MO, Deveraux had not left home before coming to KWU. His high school coach in track/cross-country convinced him to go to KWU with him. Deveraux then shared many fond memories he had while at his time in Kansas Wesleyan.

“He told me: ‘Why don’t you come to Wesleyan?’ and I told him: ‘You don’t have to tell me twice, I’m coming,’” Deveraux said.

Deveraux also imparted that his time in KWU taught him the importance of looking out for each other.

“Nowadays, they have so many options, so many options. They learn about new experiences,” Deveraux said, commenting on the changes in the university over the years. “You have more things to do. It’s out there. There are opportunities out there. Take advantage of that. I’ll come back every year to see so many things change, people change. You got new things coming up which are really good things.”

The Multicultural Student Gathering is an event Deveraux always attends while in KWU for homecoming.

“It’s nice,” Deveraux said, commenting on the gathering. “It’s nice to see people of all colors, enjoy themselves, getting back together, be with friends and just have a wonderful time. It’s all good friendship. It’s just nice. I’m coming next year—I got a plan.”


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