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So. This sucks.    This article is going to act as a time capsule for the world around us today. I’m going to be making a list of facts, making personal predictions about the future, and asking a lot of open ended questions to look back at once there is some normalcy.    Facts  Today’s […]

So. This sucks.  The current state of the world and everything surrounding COVID-19 is really getting to my mental health. It is hard to get out of bed knowing that every single day people are dying. It is hard to focus on school work (or anything) knowing that your next trip to Walmart could be […]

So. This sucks.    The number one thing I have been told over and over again during this time of despair and distractions is self care. For many students, traditionally self care has meant hanging out with friends, going to the movies, doing a face mask, or getting your nails done. It seems like no […]

So. This sucks.  I have gone back and forth how to write this. This could have some kind of positive spin or it could be my most intimate feelings of utter hopelessness. I’m still unsure how it will turn out but here is what’s going on in my head today in Salina, Kansas.   I […]

Kansas Wesleyan University announced two fall scholarships available to high school graduates in the fall of 2020 as new enrollment. The Ad Astra scholarship is to be awarded to any Kansas high school graduate or home school student that holds a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Transfer students are also eligible. The award amount is […]

  I believe that climate change and the coronavirus are linked together. This Pandemic leads to a deeper understanding of the ties of us on a global scale. The healthcare systems are essential to protect us from health threats, including climate change. Even the support to revive the economy after this pandemic we should promote […]

Imagine being a college student and one day out of the blue an anonymous donation has been made towards your campus account that almost completely clears your debt owed to the school. That’s exactly what happened to one lucky student at Kansas Wesleyan University. A freshman nursing student who works as a server in salina […]

Kansas Wesleyan University plans to maintain its limited operations status through the end of the semester. This is based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention. Although, approximately 130 students are in the residence halls, the facilities are closed and those students get take out meals from the cafeteria. Of course distancing […]

  With the current state of affairs seeing many of our students, faculty, staff and alumni staying at home to keep safe from the building wave of COVID-19, options for entertainment can sometimes seem rather dauntingly limited.  Thankfully, an entirely new range of possibilities has been opened to advancements made in communications technologies over the […]

Well when it comes to dealing with stress it is very completed. And it is more serious than you think. For many people that can relate stress, it mostly comes from either life, school, domestic issues, traffic, or work. Stress is a common thing that takes place in every human’s life. Also there is Distress. […]

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