While reviewing a Reddit Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) article I came across one that was discussing the wearing of face masks and whether this helps you avoid contracting the disease. The mask is truly meant for a person that is already infected rather that helping you from getting the disease. The feed between people took a […]

The pandemic we are all dealing with has coincided with Lent. I am Catholic and during the Lenten season not only do I dedicate more time to God, I also fast by eating less during the 40 days of lent, and sustain from eating meat on Fridays. In addition to this, I try to gain […]

The Kansas Wesleyan Choir will be on tour from March 9-March13. Here is their schedule:         Monday, March 9 – Ellsworth HS         Tuesday, March 10, Hutchinson HS         Wednesday, March 11, Eaglecrest Retirement Home, Hutchinson         Wednesday, March 11, Peace Lutheran Church, […]

The Wesleyan Chorale is a select vocal ensemble of 24 students. The ensemble performs and entertains in a variety of venues on and off campus throughout the academic year. Dr. Anne Gassmann is the Kansas Wesleyan University Music Department, Director of Choirs and Director of Vocal Area. Dr. Gassmann taught middle and high school in […]

Echoescape; learning a dead birdsong in ‘the place where you go to listen’, by Dr. Julianne Warren is the special sound art performance that will be taking place in Fitzpatrick Auditorium on Thursday, January 30. The special surround-sound event will take place at noon. Dr. Warren is involved with a week-long visit to The Land […]

If  you love wine, you don’t want to miss this experience. Salina Downtown businesses will become tasting rooms. Participants can sample showcased Salina made wines with wine stops, brewery stop, coffee stops, snack stops and water stops. This event will begin at 4 PM and end at 7 PM, and is in conjunction with the […]

Rolling Hills Zoo is located 20 minutes West of Salina. On August 24, they hosted the Rolling Hills Zoo Brew. The Zoo Brew was a 21 years and over event. Tickets were $35 for members and $40 for non-members. They also allowed a DD price of $20 (no alcohol). The Zoo Brew was attended by […]



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